25 Reasons to Make an OnlyFans Account (And Get Rich)

Thinking about starting an OnlyFans account? 

Let me tell you why you should.

And why you shouldn’t.

Keep reading.

50 Reasons to Make an OnlyFans Account

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If you don’t know already, OnlyFans is a subscription-based website for content creators to monetize their content online. 

It was founded back in 2016 but has since grown immensely in popularity, largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, it is estimated to be worth over a billion dollars after a new valuation in 2021.

That’s a lot of money… 

And most of it goes to the creators.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans in 2021: A Step-by-Step Guide
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1. You can get rich

Here’s the reason why most people end up choosing to make an account.

The possibility of getting rich is a very appealing thing.

And the truth is, it isn’t even that hard.

As long as you already have a following on social media, you can easily monetize your content by linking people to your OnlyFans.

Use a tool like solo.to to place multiple links in your Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. 

2. People have become millionaires overnight

How to Find Someone on OnlyFans: Bella Thorne

Take Bhad Bhabie and Bella Thorne for example. 

They become multimillionaires in a matter of hours, just from making an OnlyFans.

Want to see how much the top earners make?

Read this article.

3. It's Easy to Make Money

Okay, it’s not easy to get a ton of fans.

But once you have them, you basically earned a full-time income.

Just like that.

Here’s a guide on growing your fanbase.

4. You can Grow Your Social Media Too

If you get big on OnlyFans, chances are you will also get a huge boost on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

Having a big following on any platform is powerful.

Once you have that influence, you can do anything you want.

You could be dumb rich for all you care.

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5. You can get Raw at Marketing

Being successful with an OnlyFans account requires a level of marketing knowledge. 

If you go down that path, you will get a lot better at marketing.

That’s a skill that can help you start your own business idea in the future.

It’s an added bonus.

6. You have the tools to help you win

Your OnlyFans account and success depends on your ability to promote.

Luckily, there are plenty of free tools to help you.

Use CrowdFire to schedule your social media promotion posts.

Use Postpone to schedule posts on Reddit.

7. You can collaborate with your favorite creators

Successful earners on OnlyFans love to collaborate with other creators to mutually grow their fanbases.

If this is something you’d like, it could be a fun and sensual way to be more successful.

Make an OnlyFans here.

8. You are your own boss

Forget the 9-5.

If you’re a paid creator, you get to decide when you are working, how long you are working, and what you are doing while you’re working.

End of discussion.

9. You get paid to be a bad bitch


People will pay you to stomp on them.

They pay you for a peek. 

That’s how bad you are.

Make an OnlyFans here.

10. You get a loyal following of people who adore you

Who doesn’t want to be famous?

If you make a successful OnlyFans, you will become an instant celebrity.

Your fans will gawk at you, you’ll get love letters by the day, and you never even have to go outside if you don’t want to.

What a life.

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11. You don't have to show your face

Nobody even has to know who you are. 

You can earn a living with an OnlyFans account without showing your face a single time.

It’s been done before, plenty of times.

12. You can use a fake name

Don’t want anyone you know to find you?

No problem.

Just use a fake name.

Most people on OnlyFans use stage names anyway.

13. You can show off your hobbies

OnlyFans Account

You don’t actually have to post private photos to have a following on OnlyFans.

There are plenty of creators who post other things such as workout tutorials, cooking videos, and singing videos. 

14. You can make money with your passion

Let’s say you’re passionate about something like yoga, singing, or dancing.

Get some professional gear and turn it into a business.

If you love being on camera, you could easily monetize these passions and make money with a fanbase.

15. You'll feel beloved

The people who are subscribing to you and tipping you truly see something in you.

Maybe they find you beautiful. Perhaps they love watching your content.

Either way, they are always excited to see and praise you.

That’s not a bad feeling at all.

16. You get paid to talk

Why You Should Make an OnlyFans

Many of the top earners on OnlyFans make their income from PPV messages.

They spend a bit of time chatting with their loyal fans, which results in more revenue and more money.

17. You can fulfill requests for huge profits

Many of the top earners on OnlyFans make their income from PPV messages.

They spend a bit of time chatting with their loyal fans, which results in more revenue and more money.

18. You can be a character

If you make an OnlyFans account under a stage name, you have the freedom to act however you want.

Come up with a character personality.

Have fun while you’re “working”.

18. You can sell feet pics

Where to Sell Feet Pics

Let’s say you only want to make money selling feet pics.

You can do that on OnlyFans!

Here are some other websites for selling feet pics too.

19. You can boost your mental health

The confidence you will gain from getting all these new fans will be amazing for your mental health.

Be the best version of yourself.

19. Making an OnlyFans is easy

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started making an OnlyFans.

What’s stopping you?

20. You can get paid to treat yourself

Empress Box
Get the Empress Box

Your fans will love your OnlyFans account even more if you treat yourself.

Every time you buy a new fit, show it off. 

When you’re feeling yourself, take a pic for the fans. 

They will be ever so grateful for it.

21. You will grow your influence

Getting big on OnlyFans will give you a whole list of benefits.

You will have a higher influence on other platforms, social media, and in general.

This is perfect if you want to get places and move up in society.

22. You can make money selling selfies

That’s right.

Some top earners get their revenue just from taking selfies and monetizing it on OnlyFans.

Make your OnlyFans today.

23. You will have more freedom in your life

If you can make a ton of money on OnlyFans, you won’t have to worry about a full time job anymore.

This means you will have more time to do what you love.

Go out more.

Spend time with loved ones.

Splurge a little.

It all becomes possible.

24. You will become more confident

It’s easy to love yourself when you have so many people paying you to be a fan.

Don’t tear yourself down anymore.

Get that confidence.

25. You can promote your OnlyFans with lush

Lush is the number 1 promotion team for growing your OnlyFans account.

Check it out.

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