How Much Can You Make on OnlyFans?

How Much Can You Make on OnlyFans in 2021?

How much can you make on OnlyFans as a creator in 2021?

The top content creators on this subscription-based website make more than $1,000,000 a year. With over 90 million users and 1 million creators, OnlyFans has grown into a hugely successful platform to start a side hustle on.

Let’s first take a look at the top OnlyFans earners as of June 2021.

Who makes the most money on OnlyFans?

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  1. Blac Chyna
  2. Bella Thorne
  3. Cardi B
  4. Tyga
  5. Mia Khalifa
  6. Erica Mena
  7. Pia Mia
  8. Safaree Samuels
  9. Megan Barton-Hanson
  10. Casanova
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Before we talk about the average amount of money an OnlyFans creator earns, let’s see how this woman makes more than $100,000 a year from selling her explicit photos online. 

In March of 2020, Business Insider interviewed Monica Huldt to see how exactly she manages to earn a full-time income without leaving her house.

2 years before Monica started her OnlyFans, she was actually stuck in a pit. She was having trouble making ends meet even though she had a strong following on Instagram.

When she transitioned her efforts to OnlyFans, she began to make a lot more money.

Her strategy consists of using this schedule:

  • Post a morning selfie or picture (usually non-explicit)
  • Answer messages on DMs
  • Get breakfast with her husband
  • Gym time

Seems pretty normal… right?

How to make a 6 figure salary with OnlyFans

The reason why Monica is so successful is that she stays consistent with her messages.

If she doesn’t respond to everyone in a timely manner, her inbox piles up like a mountain.

Additionally, each message she sends out usually comes with a locked picture (subscribers pay to see it). 

Combined with her monthly subscription fee, this is a great way for her to earn more from her most loyal fans.

Locked Pictures

She also earns about 10% of her income from fulfilling private fan requests. 

Sometimes her fans ask her to wear a certain piece of lingerie or read a script on video. 

She actually got a staggering $250 just for a 1-minute fan-requested video!

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How much does the average person make on OnlyFans?

According to a study made by XSRUS, the average earnings for a content creator on OnlyFans adds up to about $180 per month. This may be slightly lower than the actual average because it does not account for tips. (You can’t see information on how many tips a content creator earns)

In reality, the Top %1 make about 33% of the money on OnlyFans. 

If you want to get to that standing, here is a guided resource that can help you grow (at least to the top 10%).

How much can you really make on OnlyFans?

Realistically, you probably aren’t going to make as much as the top celebrities at the beginning of your career. 

However, it is entirely possible to build a 5-6 figure salary as a content creator on OnlyFans. 

The only thing that is holding you back from making this much money is your self-doubt. Are you willing to put in a bit of effort if it means you could change your life forever?

If you are ready to start making money on OnlyFans, sign up and read our guides. 

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The rest is on you.

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